Welcome to Fieldside Thrift! We strive to ensure a fair and safe environment for all users, including buyers and vendors. These rules help establish clear expectations, prevent disputes, and promote a positive experience. The following rules are part of our Terms and Conditions, when registering on Fieldside Thrift, you are agreeing to the T&C's and these rules.

Allowed items:

If any of these items comes with a manual or safety instructions, please include when selling and any important information on listing.
We authorise items which are listed on Fieldside Thrift to ensure they fit in linewith the allowed items – we will remove items if not appropriate.
Items listed must be lawfully marketed in the UK (e.g. supplier website) or beenimported to the UK (including EU Member states) before listing on Fieldside Thrift.

Prohibited items:

Conduct rules:

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